BuildHappy Assignment List:

01. Come up with a new design word, then typeset / draw / illustrate that word.
02. Take a photo of something blue.
03. Typeset / draw / illustrate the name of the city you live in.
04. Take a photo of the back of your head.
05. Make an infographic on how you spend your day.
06. Kern objects on your table, take a photo.
07. Have a friend or family member describe graphic design, typeset / draw / illustrate their response.
08. Take a photo / scan / screen grab of a word you see every day.
09. Your favorite rejected design.
10. Dress like your work. Send in a "split-screen" photo of your outfit on the left side and your work on the right.
11. Make the letter "A" from found objects. Take a photo.
12. Arrange your books by color. Take a photo.
13. Draw your first initial in a typeface that begins with the same letter.
14. Make a logo for a day of the week.
15. Create a way-finding system for inside your home/office. Take a photo in context.
16. Take a photo of someone(else) holding one of your projects.
17. Recreate the buildhappy logo with 3 dimensional objects. Take a photo.
18. Typeset / draw / illustrate a design quote.
19. Create a 4-color gradient representing your mood.
20. Take a photo of stripes.
21. Typeset / draw / illustrate the title of a song you're currently listening to.
22. Take a photo of your shoes.
23. Draw a designer caricature.
24. Take a photo of something red.
25. Typeset / draw / illustrate your favorite design tool.
26. Make a face with your food. Take a photo.
27. Show an example of a bad typo.
28. Take a photo of a circle.
29. Typeset one word in blackletter.
30. Make a flowchart.
31. Take a photo of a dot pattern.
32. Create an event flyer for an everyday occurrence.
33. Fill in the blank: If I weren't a designer I would be a _________.
34. Take a photo of a shadow.
35. Typeset a message to a friend.
36. Take a still from a film in which you would like to live.
37. Keep a tally.
38. Find unexpected typography in the environment.
39. Typeset a mission statement.
40. Take a photo of something yellow.
41. Typeset a line from a song.
42. Draw your last initial in a typeface that begins with the same letter.
43. Make public art.
44. Take a photo of a "pair."
45. Make a map.
46. Take a photo of a grid.
47. Typeset overheard conversation.
48. Take a photo of a reflection.
49. Take a photo of texture.
50. Redesign a public sign.
51. Make a color palette for yourself.
52. Kern the contents of your bag. Take a photo.
53. Take a photo of something green.
54. Typeset a top 5 list.
55. Make an album cover for a typeface.
56. Take a photo of a number you see everyday.
57. 640x480 screenshot of what's on your screen.
58. Make the letter 'B' out of found objects.
59. Take a photo showing contrast.
60. Rearrange the letters in your name to form another word/phrase.
61. Make a venn diagram
62. Take a photo of something orange
63. Typeset an answer to a question.
64. Take a photo of light.
65. Take a photo of a triangle.
66. Make a self-portrait using found objects.
70. Take a photo at exactly 11:15 am

67. Make a rebus.
68. Play connect-the-dots.
69. Make a typographic animated gif.
70. Take a photo at exactly 11:15 am.
71. Take a photo of a silhouette.