About Buildhappy

Buildhappy is a project made for graphic designers to be creative
without the restraints of clients and classrooms, but within the
parameters of an assignment. Consider this your playground. A place
to design and have fun doing it.

Rules for play:
1. There will be 1 new assignment given every week.
2. All work must be formatted for the web as JPG, GIF, or PNG, 72 pixels, 640 x 480.
3. BuildHappy members are encouraged to complete the assignments within a week.

Buildhappy was created by Marian Chiao as an independent-study project,
instructed by Simon Johnston, at Art Center College of Design, in the
Fall of 2009. “Assignments” inspired by the community art project
Learning to Love You More by artists Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher.
Website built by Kevin Kwok.


Participation in BuildHappy is by invitation only. To become a member,
fill out the invitation request form:

Assignment suggestions are welcome. To make a suggestion, email:


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